For people who talk to God over cocktails…

I talk to God a lot. Sometimes he talks back. A week ago, over the ocean and caiprihinas, I reflected on a previous conversation we had and considered my friend who passed away, almost fifteen years ago to the day. Below me were fishermen who continuously tossed their nets into the ocean, and several times their efforts resulted in nothing measurable in return. Until it did.

(Disclaimer: I could have been drunk, but I wanted to share this all the same, just in case it helps someone else.)

We are vessels.
At an early age, we are inclined to know our truest gift(s). Be it empathy, resources, compassion, intelligence, humor, wisdom, or an ability to love, we have no preoccupation about using them. To give what we have is simply all that we know.

With time, and as life unfolds, we presume ownership over these things. Sometimes an experience may lead us into believing that our gifts are ours to disseminate at our will. An unfortunate experience may make us believe that our blessings are ours to stockpile and to share only at our own discretion.

The false notions of scarcity and conditional reciprocity take hold. We withhold good and love, when its in our power to share it, under the logical guise of self-preservation.

And for a while, we are preserved.
We feel safe.
But something usually feels off.

Perhaps, it’s because we forgot that we are merely God’s distribution system. What we have is not for ourselves.

The very things we want the most are usually ours to give first. I can’t be sure, but maybe this is why the ancient sages said: GIVE and it shall be given unto you. GIVE and you shall receive.

But God can’t do much with a pitcher that doesn’t pour.

If you want love, give love when its in your power to do so.
If you want money, give money when its in your power to do so.
If you want support, give support when its in your power to do so.

Your well will never run dry. No such monster exists. Give widely. Love freely. Hope abundantly. Keep tossing your nets wide. And there’s a good chance that you will find that your cup will always runneth over because your supplier has an overflowing storehouse just for you