If you need a little inspiration…(#97)

Around this time of year, most Chicagoans are already planning ahead to the first day of summer (since Spring IS NOT guaranteed in our dear city).  Though this has been a fairly mild winter, most of us recognize that we still may have between 1-3 additional months of cold weather with the possibility of a random blizzard popping up out of nowhere.  (Thanks Canada!)

Despite the frigid temps, I can already smell the fajitas at Uncle Julios on North Avenue and can already taste the Rum Punch at Ja’Grill in Hyde Park.  I wish I could go and get a mani/pedi right now for my yet-to-be planned vacation and am already trying to lose weight in honor of the beignets/grilled oysters/crab/fried catfish/gumbo/pralines that I’m going to eat in Louisiana.

So whether you are in the Windy City or elsewhere and are like me — depleted of Vitamin D and in desperate need of a change of scenery and a strong mojito – check out this list I came across of world destinations, close your eyes, and imagine yourself someplace you have never been, with people you want to be with, doing things you probably shouldn’t be doing.  🙂

World Vacation List




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