Falling asleep on Oprah and Deepak…(#90)

I’m doing the 1,549th Oprah and Deepak Meditation Challenge and I must say that I’m really enjoying it.  Granted, I had to listen to the last five meditations in a row about an hour ago, but now I’m all caught up and officially a centered and balanced human spirit…even though I technically didn’t close my eyes and meditate.

Some might consider this as cheating but I think that listening to Deepak’s sultry angelic voice in my ear should count as a mindful activity.  In fact, regardless of what I’m doing, whenever I hear his voice, I’m pretty sure that my blood pressure plummets to near-death levels, a majestic fog and a bright light enters the room, and I immediately want to sleep in eternal peace.

As a matter of fact, his voice in still playing through my computer’s speakers and I’m pretty sure that I am sleep-typing right now.

What I appreciate about this meditation series is the recurring theme of accepting yourself.  As someone who always feels like the weirdo in any given room, this is a comforting message.

On a side note, I know that I am doing horribly on this blog challenge.  However, I decided that not only am I going to stop being so tyrannical on myself but I’m also going to trust that the world will not end if I do not write random, unedited, off-topic blogs when I’m half-sleep.  (Wow! These meditations REALLY are working!)

But because nothing – Nothing – NOTHING happens by chance, this meditation series has made me give a lot of thought as to the type of writer I want to be known as.  Though I write a lot about my kids, I don’t consider myself a mommy blogger.  That’s not a diss, I love mommy bloggers.  It’s just that I’m sure there is no room left in that sandbox for anyone else to join.

I enjoy writing fiction with sprinkles of spirituality, however, now that I’m on the Christian fiction circuit, I do wonder if this means that I can’t curse.  I know that’s VERY Gentile of me to say, but I’m wondering if the characters in my book need to drop an “OH SH——!” Is that considered offensive?  But didn’t Jesus curse?  Or drink wine?  Or DJ parties?

Okay, never mind…

(And yes, I’m kidding…)

Despite my past of writing about race and politics, I’m sure that I couldn’t do that for a living without also becoming an alcoholic.

So what type of writer should I be known as?

In a world that is always telling you to define and brand yourself as SOMETHING, just being yourself feels less and less on trend.  And though the world keeps telling me to create an elaborate title for myself (Can you say, Experienced Online Literary Content Creation Professional”), the greater signs from the universe keep telling me just to be myself.

…I’m not sure that I even know what that means, and I’m pretty sure that being yourself doesn’t pay well, nevertheless, I’m going to roll with it.





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