Good morning ramblings…(#98)

I have always been a very early riser but my kids take early mornings to the next level.  The littlest one usually comes creeping into our bedroom around 5:00 am to try to steal our vacuum cleaner (don’t ask me why).

On days when he doesn’t feel like early morning housecleaning he simply climbs into our bed, sits on top of me and says, “Mommy. Mommy. Mommy,” until I decide to stop faking like I’m sleep.

My oldest, sleeps a bit later and doesn’t creep out of his bed until closer to 5:30 am.  By the time he slumbers into our room, he is dressed in his spiderman robe, a winter cap and gloves, and is usually carrying an obscene amount of children’s books with him.

I know you aren’t supposed to call your kids bad but at a minimum I think I can fairly call mine quirky with strong anti-authority tendencies. Their most favorite activity in the entire world is running around the house naked before bath time. I could write an anthology about how bad, explorative, mischevious my kids are but I don’t want them to sue me when they get older.

(Right now my oldest is trying to talk to me about the solar system.  How do I tell him to beat it without breaking his spirit? #mommaproblems)

Moving on…

So my husband challenged me to a 100 day write-off (to get me out of my writing coma) which probably sounds odd since he is a dentist.  In college, shortly after we first met, he let me read a few short stories that he had written and I desperately tried to convince him not to go to dental school (true story) because they were so good. #thankyouforignoringmyhorribleadvice

This was before I had ANY thought of being a writer myself and way before I realized that writers are typically impoverished.

The last time we wrote together, the superiority of his story made me stop writing for months. I’m not saying this because we sleep together but there is a genius to his storytelling that I hope the world gets to read one day.

On the topic of writing…

It’s almost time to leave to make the kid’s breakfast but I’m excited about writing my second book.  I’ve had 90% of the story in my head for a few months but there is a part of me that still wonders if it’s the right story to tell.  Until I know how the first and last chapter will end, the story can still go anywhere.  I know what I want to write and I have an idea about what people want to read, so I’m just trying to figure out who will get what they want.

About tragic endings…

I’m also thinking about the SUITS finale on USA last night.  (Clenching my heart.) SOOOO GOOD.  Now, I kinda get why people were traumatized by the end of the Lotus.  I NEED for Mike Ross to be okay.  I need for him to get his happily ever after.  Just thinking about him going to federal prison makes me want to cry but, I get it.  We don’t realize just have much we love our heroes, even when they have done bad, until we see them hurt.  But if Harvey Spector would have gone to jail, I probably would have just died in my bed.  That would’ve been too much.

So to all of you who sent me late night emails and text messages about Lotus getting left in the airport, I’m sorry.

…But I had to do it.


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