Kathleen Higgins-Anderson, Literary Blogger Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Five Stars
“Lotus is a riveting and realistic portrayal of the complications of life and love. This book was so hard to put down. There is a wonderful mixture of drama, emotion, and humor interwoven throughout the story, you can’t help but get caught up in the in depth and complex dynamics of Lotus, Nick, and Gabe’s story as it unfolds. This is a wonderful must read story that will simply leave you wanting more.”

Michelle Guy, Literary Blogger, This Side of Paradise

“Lotus is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year. It made me happy, crazy, and sad all at the same time. Very few books do that for me.
I couldn’t put this book down. The characters were incredibly well developed. Lotus is a very strong woman who became caught up in past love. She wondered what could have been with her first real love, Gabe. Every woman imagines what could have been but not many get a second chance to find out…”

Cindy Aurora, Literary Blogger, Eat, Write, Love

“I felt like I was watching a great episode of Grey’s Anatomy (the early years, naturally) and it was fun…Ms. Smith had made me care about her heroine and that was a great feeling!  I enjoyed how connected I felt to the motley crew of characters that made Lotus a stand out for me. All of them were flawed, thoughtful and wonderfully grown-up.”

Michelle de Haan, Literary Blogger, Shellyback Books

Highly Recommended
“This debut novel is powerful and thought provoking. It is about choice, the ability to forgive and ultimately what is most important in love and life. For its size this is [quite] a substantial book, [and] is packed with quality content and story. I found this title very hard to put down and read it in a single sitting…Highly recommended.”

Kayla Paine, Literary Blogger, Polished and Bubbly

Five Stars
“This is one of those stories that just makes sense from the beginning. I don’t mean that the sense that the main character has everything figured out, but that the writing is so flawless, it seems seamless. Lotus is an amazing main character and is so well developed as she embarks on her journey. She’s one of those characters you feel a connection with. I recommend this 5 star book as a definite book club read and for anyone who needs a page turner in their life!”

Rhonda Gothier, Literary Blogger, Granny Loves to Read

Highly Recommended
“The complexity of what Lotus goes through was well written. I couldn’t put this book down. Her journey was real and how it ended makes you wonder what is next. The conflict of having two loves was interesting to follow and her thinking about how each man affected her life was well done. Highly recommend! Great book.”